We have established our photography Gallery and Printing Cooperative to encourage photographers to come out of the "digital cave" and become part of a community that appreciates photography and those who create it!

There are certainly plenty of reasons why people should print and exhibit their photography!

Let me give you a few reasons why; 

  1. To sell your work as a photographer, the larger and better quality of the print, the bigger the sale - we are talking a difference of hundreds of dollars.
  2. Prints will outlast any digital format used today, and only increase in value as a result.
  3. When your cloud storage provider goes out of business, or your hard drive crashes (there are two kinds, those that have crashed and those that will crash), you will appreciate those prints you did and put it in your portfolio book!
  4. People respond to photographic prints on the wall, in a portfolio, in an exhibit in ways that create connections and tie that bind, Can you say that about a USB or DVD?
  5. The quality of today's printers, papers and the mediums available just keep expanding and creating more possibilities.

For more information on our excellent large format Epson 9900/Mac Tower printing equipment and workstation, visit our FACILITIES page... 

Come join us and see your photography printed and admired on the gallery walls! 

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